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How to prevent mould in Sydney homes

by Kath P on Mar 23, 2023

Mould can be a big problem in Sydney homes, especially during the humid summer months. To prevent mould growth, it is important to keep your home well-ventilated. Open windows and use exhaust fans when necessary to get rid of excess moisture from bathrooms and kitchens. Make sure that all areas of your home are adequately ventilated with fresh air.

It’s also important to make sure all potential leaks or sources of water intrusion are fixed immediately. Repair any leaking faucets, pipes or showers as soon as possible and make sure gutters aren't blocked up so that rainwater can drain away from the house easily. It is also beneficial to invest in dehumidifiers for damp rooms where ventilation might be an issue.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is also important in preventing mould growth. Make sure to wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth and clean areas such as bathroom tiles, windowsills and other humid locations to remove dust, dirt and grime that can contribute to mould growth. Also consider using anti-mould products in your home. These will help keep moisture levels low while killing any existing mould spores.

Finally, it’s important to inspect your home regularly for signs of mould or mildew. If you spot any small patches of black or pink material on walls or furniture, contact a professional for help with removal and ensure the source of the problem is fixed before it gets worse. With regular attention, you can prevent mould from taking root in your Sydney home.

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