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Lavender - The Wardrobe Benefits

by Kath P on Apr 30, 2023

Lavender can protect your valuable wardrobe from moths with a fragrance that will soothe your soul.

Everyone’s favorite calming smell, but it will send moths flying to find a new hideout. To use lavender against moths, simply fill a sachet with dried lavender, our Dew Hanging Moisture Absorbers or dip cotton balls in lavender oil. 

Unlike mothballs which smell toxic and cedar which can stain clothing, lavender can be used to prevent, clean and store your clothing as a triple threat to a Moth invasion without any negative side effects.

Moths will attack any natural or synthetic and natural blended fabrics, so nearly everything in your closet is a target. They will even go after leather! While sometimes the telltale holes can be rewoven, most moth damaged clothing ends up a total loss.

Our Lavender scented Dew Moisture Absorbers are helpful to keep both mould and moisture away.

Good luck & if you have any extra tips, send them our way so we can share them with our community.


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