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Ideas to Declutter Wardrobe

by Kath P on Mar 23, 2023

One of the best ways to declutter your wardrobe is to take inventory. Make a list of all the clothing items you own, including any accessories and shoes. You can even go through each piece and make notes about when it was purchased or how often you wear it. This will help you create an accurate picture of what you have in your closet and make decisions on what should stay, and what should go. 

Once you have taken stock of your wardrobe, determine which pieces are essential to your lifestyle and look. These core pieces are usually solid colors that pair easily with other items. From there, pick out a few accent pieces that express your personal style and complete each outfit. These items could be bold colors or special patterns that add depth and dimension. 

To get rid of items that no longer spark joy, start by going through each item individually and deciding whether it should stay or go. If you haven't worn an item in a while or don’t plan on wearing it anytime soon, donate or consign it to make room for something new! Once you have finished sorting through your wardrobe, take some time to organize everything into categories such as “workwear”, “evening wear” and “casual clothes”. This will help keep everything organized and easily accessible when you are getting dressed each day.


Finally, invest in quality storage solutions like garment bags and hangers to store your clothing properly. Garment bags are great for items that are out of season and need to be stored away, while hangers can help maximize space in your closet. With all of these tips, you’ll have a wardrobe that is organized, stylish, and tailored to your individual lifestyle. Good luck!

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