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Mould in Australia

by Kath P on Mar 23, 2023

Mould is a common problem in Australia due to the country's humid climate. It can be found in both indoor and outdoor environments, and can cause damage to buildings, furniture, clothing, and more. Mould has been linked to various health issues such as asthma and allergies, so it's important to take steps to prevent mould growth. Some tips for preventing mould include: maintaining good ventilation; controlling humidity levels; cleaning regularly; using dehumidifiers where possible; fixing any leaks or water damage immediately; and ensuring that all areas are adequately heated during cold weather. Additionally, using specialised anti-mould products or treatments around the home can help reduce the risk of mould growth. Taking these proactive measures will help keep your home safe from mould damage and health risks.

Mould can also be an issue in workplaces, where it can cause similar issues as in homes. Places where moisture accumulates such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are particularly prone to mould growth. Business owners should look for signs of mould (such as discolouration) on walls and ceilings and address them quickly with professional help if necessary. Further steps that can be taken include inspecting pipes for leaks; ensuring adequate ventilation; keeping all areas dry; using dehumidifiers when needed; and regularly cleaning high-moisture areas. Taking these measures will reduce the chances of mould forming in the workplace and help keep your staff safe from potential health hazards.

It's important to take preventive measures to protect your home and workplace from mould growth in Australia. Maintaining good ventilation, controlling humidity levels, and cleaning regularly are all key ways to prevent the development of mould. Utilising professional help when necessary can also ensure that any existing mould issues are addressed quickly and effectively. Taking these steps will help keep your family and colleagues safe from potential health risks associated with mould exposure.

Mould can be a difficult problem to deal with, but taking the necessary steps to prevent it from forming in the first place is the best way to protect your home and workplace. With a few simple measures, you can help keep mould from becoming an issue in your space.

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